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Battle For Azeroth Dungeons

Name Location
Atal’Dazar Zuldazar, Zandalar
Temple of Sethraliss Vol’dun, Zandalar
The Underrot Nazmir, Zandalar
Freehold Tiragarde Sound, Kul Tiras
Shrine of the Storm Stormsong Valley, Kul Tiras
Waycrest Manor Drustvar, Kul Tiras
Tol Dagor Tol Dagor, Kul Tiras
The MOTHERLODE!! Zuldazar, Zandalar


Legion Dungeons

Name Location
Darkheart Thicket Val’sharah, The Broken Isles
Eye of Azshara Azsuna, The Broken Isles
Halls of Valor Stormheim, The Broken Isles
Neltharion’s Lair Highmountain, The Broken Isles
Assault on Violet Hold Dalaran, The Broken Isles
Black Rook Hold Val’Sharah, The Broken Isles
Maw of Souls Stormheim, The Broken Isles
Vault of the Wardens Azsuna, The Broken Isles
Court of Stars Suramar, The Broken Isles
The Arcway Suramar, The Broken Isles
Lower Return to Karazhan Deadwind Pass
Upper Return to Karazhan Deadwind Pass
Cathedral of Eternal Night The Broken Shore, The Broken Isles
Seat of the Triumvirate Mac’Aree, Argus


Warlords of Draenor Dungeons

Name Location
Bloodmaul Slag Mines Frostfire Ridge, Draenor
Iron Docks Gorgrond, Draenor
Auchindoun Talador, Draenor
Skyreach Spires of Arak, Draenor
Shadowmoon Burial Grounds Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor
The Everbloom Gorgrond, Draenor
Grimrail Depot Gorgrond, Draenor
Upper Blackrock Spire Blackrock Mountain, Eastern Kingdoms


Mists of Pandaria Dungeons

Name Location
Stormstout Brewery Valley of the Four Winds
Temple of the Jade Serpent The Jade Forest
Mogu’shan Palace Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Shado-Pan Monastery Kun-Lai Summit
Gate of the Setting Sun Vale of Eternal Blossoms
Siege of Niuzao Temple Townlong Steppes
Scarlet Halls Tirisfal Glades
Scarlet Monastery Tirisfal Glades
Scholomance Western Plaguelands


Cataclysm Dungeons

Name Location
Throne of the Tides Abyssal Maw
Blackrock Caverns Blackrock Mountain
The Stonecore Deepholm
The Vortex Pinnacle Uldum
Grim Batol Twilight Highlands
Lost City of the Tol’vir Uldum
Halls of Origination Uldum
Zul’Aman Ghostlands
Zul’Gurub Northern Stranglethorn
End Time Tanaris
Well of Eternity Tanaris
Hour of Twilight Tanaris
Deadmines Westfall
Shadowfang Keep Silverpine Forest


Wrath of the Lich King Dungeons

Name Location
Utgarde Keep Utgarde Keep, Howling Fjord
The Nexus The Nexus, Borean Tundra
Azjol-Nerub Azjol-Nerub, Dragonblight
Ahn’kahet: The Old Kingdom Azjol-Nerub, Dragonblight
Drak’Tharon Keep Grizzly Hills
Violet Hold Dalaran City
Gundrak Zul’Drak
Halls of Stone Ulduar, The Storm Peaks
Halls of Lightning Ulduar, The Storm Peaks
The Oculus The Nexus, Borean Tundra
Utgarde Pinnacle Utgarde Keep, Howling Fjord
The Culling of Stratholme Caverns of Time, Tanaris
Trial of the Champion Icecrown
The Forge of Souls Icecrown Citadel, Icecrown
Pit of Saron Icecrown Citadel, Icecrown
Halls of Reflection Icecrown Citadel, Icecrown


The Burning Crusade Dungeons

Name Location
Hellfire Ramparts Hellfire Citadel, Hellfire Peninsula
The Blood Furnace Hellfire Citadel, Hellfire Peninsula
The Slave Pens Coilfang Reservoir, Zangarmarsh
The Underbog Coilfang Reservoir, Zangarmarsh
Mana-Tombs Auchindoun, Terokkar Forest
Auchenai Crypts Auchindoun, Terokkar Forest
Old Hillsbrad Foothills Caverns of Time, Tanaris
Sethekk Halls Auchindoun, Terokkar Forest
Shadow Labyrinth Auchindoun, Terokkar Forest
The Shattered Halls Hellfire Citadel, Hellfire Peninsula
The Steamvault Coilfang Reservoir, Zangarmarsh
The Botanica Tempest Keep, Netherstorm
The Mechanar Tempest Keep, Netherstorm
Magister’s Terrace Isle of Quel’Danas
The Arcatraz Tempest Keep, Netherstorm
The Black Morass Caverns of Time, Tanaris


Classic Dungeons

Name Location
Ragefire Chasm Orgrimmar, Kalimdor
Deadmines Westfall, Eastern Kingdoms
Wailing Caverns Northern Barrens, Kalimdor
Shadowfang Keep Silverpine Forest, Eastern Kingdoms
Blackfathom Deeps Ashenvale, Kalimdor
Stormwind Stockade Stormwind City, Eastern Kingdoms
Gnomeregan Dun Morogh, Eastern Kingdoms
Scarlet Halls Tirisfal Glades, Eastern Kingdoms
Scarlet Monastery Tirisfal Glades, Eastern Kingdoms
Maraudon: The Wicked Grotto Desolace, Kalimdor
Razorfen Kraul Southern Barrens, Kalimdor
Maraudon: Foulspore Cavern Desolace, Kalimdor
Maraudon: Earth Song Falls Desolace, Kalimdor
Uldaman Badlands, Eastern Kingdoms
Dire Maul: Warpwood Quarter Feralas, Kalimdor
Scholomance Western Plaguelands, Eastern Kingdoms
Dire Maul: Capital Gardens Feralas, Kalimdor
Razorfen Downs Thousand Needles, Kalimdor
Dire Maul: Gordok Commons Feralas, Kalimdor
Stratholme: Main Gate Eastern Plaguelands, Eastern Kingdoms
Zul’Farrak Tanaris, Kalimdor
Stratholme: Service Entrance Eastern Plaguelands, Eastern Kingdoms
Blackrock Depths: Detention Block Blackrock Mountain, Eastern Kingdoms
The Temple of Atal’Hakkar Swamp of Sorrows, Eastern Kingdoms
Blackrock Depths: Upper City Blackrock Mountain, Eastern Kingdoms
Lower Blackrock Spire Blackrock Mountain, Eastern Kingdoms


  1. So sad this website is no loner updated, I still visit it often.

    I found a replacement at http://www.tankingfornoobs.com , Shadowlands dungeons are on there, raids and xmog runs are planned content, as well as video’s for everything. Looking good so far.

  2. I LOVE this site. As someone who only started playing WoW recently and doesn’t know anything, I want to go back and solo old dungeons without getting lost so this is SO helpful. Does anybody know if there’s a similar site for raids?

  3. Hello, just wanted to say your pictures of the dungeon entrances are SO helpful, I use them frequently and really appreciate how clear it is and how it shows the best flight paths to take. Thank you for your service!

  4. It’s a real shame that the website won’t be updated anymore, I could really use the shadowlands dungeons here as well. Does anyone know of a similar website for shadowlands dungeons?

  5. this is exactly what I was looking for. Something very straightforward and easy to understand. Where are the instances, who the bosses are, can they be done in Heroic. I have a desire to solo as many as I can but I needed a cheat sheet of which ones existed and where. This is absolutely spot on!!!

  6. Thank you so much. I’ve just started tanking and my biggest issue is not standing around like an idiot trying to to decrypt the in-game map.

  7. Finding this site was a great Christmas present. Thanks so much! I’m a tank who only tanks raids and guild groups because I get lost. (Waycrest eats my lunch.) While my guildies won’t mind saying “go left here” in Discord, that doesn’t work for pugs. Now I can do my thing all the time! <3

  8. THANK YOU. No other dungeon guides are so concise and show floor by floor directions. I keep it open in a second monitor, and the paste into chat instructions are amazing! I think every wow player needs this site.. You should port it all to wowhead? But THANK you! Very well done, I can stop using sticky notes on my desk!!

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