The Necrotic Wake

Welcome to the The Necrotic Wake dungeon guide. Here you will find the dungeon entrance location as well as a beginners map route around the dungeon and quick boss tactics.

This dungeon is available in Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulties.

You can find the The Necrotic Wake entrance within Bastion, The Shadowlands.
The coordinates are (40.3,55.2)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:


Map 1Map 2Map 3


1. Blightbone2. Amarth, The Harvester3. Surgeon Stitchflesh4. Nalthor the RimebinderDungeon Trash Notes

Quick Boss Tactics:
Tank mitigate “Crunch”. Move out of green pools. Targeted player face frontal cone “Heaving Retch” away from group. Spawns worm adds that fixate a player, focus kill worms to prevent them attacking & exploding.

Mythic Differences:
When worm adds die they leave behind green pools.

Quick Boss Tactics:
Interrupt “Necrotic Bolt”. Avoid moving frontal cone “Necrotic Breath”. Focus kill & interrupt the skeletal adds. Make sure the adds are dead before “Final Harvest” cast ends.

Mythic Differences:
If you get hit by frontal cone it deals shadow damage & reduces healing for 10secs. If boss harvests adds or dead players he puts a stacking debuff on group every 3 secs. Summons a 3rd ranged add Crossbowman.

Quick Boss Tactics:
Avoid green pools on ground. Player targeted with “Meat Hook” aim arrow at boss then move out the way when starts the hook cast. When boss is hooked he comes down & you have 30secs to dps him, rinse & repeat.

Mythic Differences:
Boss fixates a player for 8 sec, run away.

Quick Boss Tactics:
Freezes a player, others move out of circle (can be dispelled if no one inside). Avoid the storm swirls. A dps player is transported to lower platform, avoid swirls then defeat the add & return up.

Mythic Differences:
When the dps returns they will drop a large ice pool on the ground. Use defensives & healing cooldowns during “Icebound Aegis” shield as does stacking damage.

Zolramus Necromancer – Single target dps as summoned adds will die too.

Skeletal Marauders – Interrupt fear “Rasping Scream”. Avoid frontal cleave.

Kyrian Stitchwerk – Tank kite to drop off stacking debuff “Tenderize”.

Stitching Assistant – Run arrows into other mobs to divert damage.

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