Mogu’shan Palace

You can find Mogu’shan Palace dungeon within Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
The coordinates are (80.1,33.2)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:


Map 1Map 2Map 3


1. Trial of the King2. Gekkan3. Xin the Weaponmaster
Trial-of-the-King-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Fight 3 bosses in random orders. Mu’shiba: Avoid frontal cone Shockwave. Focus dps on boss. Ming: Avoid moving whirlwinds. Move from Magnetic Field (spins pulling all in). Haiyan: Stack on player who has Meteor (fiery boulder) to divide damage.
Gekkan-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Kill adds first & put skull on focused target. Use interrupts,stuns,crowd controls on adds (Kill Oracle first or keep CC’d). Interrupt Iron Protector, Cleansing Flame, Hex of Lethargy.
Xin-the-Weaponmaster-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Avoid frontal cone Ground Slam. Avoid spinning weapons & Circle of Flame (staff circles
enemy in flames). Move out of path of flying daggers (fly in line across room from wall lions). Tank boss down the steps & dps/healer find safe spot to try stand.

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