Seat of the Triumvirate

You can find the Seat of the Triumvirate dungeon entrance within Mac’Aree, Argus.
The coordinates are (22.2,56.2)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:


Map 1
Void Tears will randomly spawn across the map, when they do look on your map to find locations and close them.
Boss 2 spawns after 3 void tears are closed, close them by killing the Rift Wardens.


1. Zuraal the Ascended2. Saprish3. Viceroy Nezhar4. L'ura
Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Tank keep moving boss out of purple sludge from Decimate. Dps kill Coalesced Voids before they reach boss, tank kite boss around.

Mythic Differences: Coalesced Void adds leave purple sludge on ground as they move towards boss. A random player is put into the void realm (boss casts Umbra Shift), fill bar by killing Dark Aberrations to press button. A player will also be fixated kite, kite boss around.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Tank keep threat on Boss & Darkfang. Avoid the traps on ground. Boss marks & dashes between players (Umbral Flanking), unmarked players avoid getting hit. Player attacked by Darkfangs ‘Ravaging Darkness’ move away.

Mythic Differences: Shadewing will be added to the fight (all 3 bosses do share a health pool). Tank keep threat on all 3. Interrupt ‘Dread Screech’ cast by Shadewing.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Dps focus kill Tenticles & stun / interrupt their casts when possible. Interrupt the fear ‘Howling Dark’. Run against bosses pushback ‘Entropic Force’.

Mythic Differences: Boss has an insanity bar, once reaches 100% he summons 2 Shadowguard Voidtenders, boss is immune until adds are killed. Must also interrupt ‘Eternal Twilight’.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Kill the Greater Rift Warden to close portal, avoid purple patches on ground & 1 player run to soak the bolt ‘Fragment of Dispair’ marked on the ground. When adds are killed & portals gone boss is attackable.

Mythic Differences: purple patches (Remnant of Anguish) will relocate to players location, players stack & move as a group.

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