Welcome to the Plaguefall dungeon guide. Here you will find the dungeon entrance location as well as a beginners map route around the dungeon and quick boss tactics.

This dungeon is available in Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulties.

You can find the Plaguefall entrance within Maldraxxus, The Shadowlands.
The coordinates are (59.3,64.8)
Portal to Oribos then fly to Maldraxxus.

Click for Dungeon Entrance:


Map 1Map 2


1. Globgrog2. Doctor Ickus3. Domina Venomblade4. Margrave StradamaDungeon Trash Notes

Quick Boss Tactics:
Knocks players back reducing movement by 30% & inflicts damage, cleanse if possible. Avoid frontal slime cone. Slime adds need killing before they reach boss, use CC/slows.

Mythic Differences:
Also spawns a larger slime add called Slimy Smorgasbord.

Quick Boss Tactics:
Boss jumps around room, stay together & cross slime waters. Puts “Slime Injection” on tank, healer dispel this quickly. Ooze that spawn damage the player who steps on them or erupt damaging group. Reach bomb & kill before explode. Move out of green swirl.

Mythic Differences:
The green swirl also spawn a line of swirls, dodge these. Congealed Slimes reduce damage to allies, tank them away from bomb slime.

Quick Boss Tactics:
Tank mitigate “Cytotoxic Slash”, remove this poison debuff on tank if possible. Run over web pools or use aoe to reveal the spider adds. Move away with purple circles.

Mythic Differences:
Group stay within 6 yards of each other otherwise you get wrapped in a web & need breaking free.

Quick Boss Tactics:
Tank try to stay in melee range the whole fight. Tank soak the green circle from Malignant Spawn add. Cure ‘Infectious Rain” disease off players or heal through. Tentacles slam the floor, avoid the glowing tall ones & the twirly ones are safe spots.

Mythic Differences:
Summons Plaguebound Devoted adds at 66% & 33%.

Fungi Stormer – Stun “Fungistorm”.

Plague Belcher – Avoid frontal cone. Keep him away from slime adds.

Rotmarrow Slime – Interrupt stacking dot “Corrosive Gunk”.

Rotting Slimeclaw – Tank let stacks of “Corroded Claws” drop off before pulling more.

Slime Tentacle – A player must be in melee range to stop spit dot.

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