Blackrock Depths: Detention Block

You can find the Blackrock Depths dungeon entrance within Blackrock Mountain, Eastern Kingdoms.
The coordinates are (20.8,38.6)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

You can enter Blackrock Mountain from two entrances, find them in Burning Steppes or Searing Gorge (Eastern Kingdoms).

Blackrock Depths Dungeon-Entrances

Make your way over to the Blackrock Depths summoning stone (located in the middle), you can reach hear by flying over or climbing down the chain.


Head down the long chain and you should see an npc Lothos Riftwaker, run past him and inside take the left side, run all the way through and at the back you will come across the dungeon portal.


Popular Shortcut:

This shortcut is popular in LFD groups to get the bonus experience quicker from final boss. Ask your group first if they want to do this skip though.

At the start go to Abandoned Mole Machine on the right. Take ‘Just past the Grim Guzzler’ to Shadowforge City.

Abandoned-Mole-Machine-Shadowforge City Shortcut

Jump over side behind you down to Lord Incendius (boss 6). After killing him make your way through to final boss Fineous Darkvire (boss 7).



1. High Interrogator Gerstahn

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Interrupt Mana Burn. Psychic Scream fears all nearby players. Shadow Word: Pain inflicts player with shadow damage. Boss absorbs damage with Shadow Shield.


2. Ring of Law

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i You will face waves of mobs, a group of smaller mobs & then 1 difficult mob. This boss is random on what spawns (can be any of 6 different mobs).


3. Lord Roccor

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Stuns players. Earth Shock inflicts nature damage & interrupts spell casting on a player. Flame Shock burns a player dealing fire damage.


4. Houndmaster Grebmar

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Demoralizing Shout reduces attack power of all players. Pummel inflicts physical damage & interrupts spell casting. Uses Bloodlust on an ally. Boss will flee at 15% health.


5. Bael’ Gar

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Magma Splash inflicts fire damage to any player who strikes boss with melee attacks, this stacks. Inflicts fire damage to players in random locations, summoning a spawn (red ooze) that attack you.


6. Lord Incendius

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Move out of fire patches on ground. Mighty Blow inflicts physical damage & knocks back. Curses a player reducing fire resistance.


7. Fineous Darkvire

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Devotion Aura increases armor of nearby allies. Interrupt Holy Light. Kicks a player inflicting damage. Seal of Reckoning allows boss or an ally to gain health everytime an enemy is struck.

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