The Slave Pens

You can find The Slave Pens dungeon within Zangarmarsh, Outland.
The coordinates are (50.1,40.5)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

When in Zangarmarsh head to the Coilfang Reservoir and dive under the water. Look for an underwater tunnel and go inside.


Go through the long tunnel, when you reach the other side you will be in an underwater cave.


Map 1


1. Mennu the Betrayer

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Uses Lightning Bolt. Earthgrab Totem roots players. Stoneskin Totem reduces bosses melee damage taken by 50%. Healing Ward Heals him & lasts 30 sec. Nova Totem does fire damage to all nearby when destroyed or after 18 sec.

2. Rokmar the Crackler

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Attacks a player with Grievous Wound dealing damage & healing. Slows a players melee & casting speed by 50%. Throws bolts of water inflicting frost damage to all nearby. Goes into Frenzy.


3. Quagmirran

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Deals ticking nature damage to all nearby. Sprays acid at a player & deals extra nature damage to all in front. Knocks back a player with Uppercut. Uses Cleave on a player inflicting damage to them & all nearby.

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