Hellfire Ramparts

You can find the Hellfire Ramparts dungeon within Hellfire Peninsula, Outland.
The coordinates are (47.5,52.9)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:


Map 1


1. Watchkeeper Gargolmar

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Deals physical damage to current target. Charges a player knocking all nearby back. The Hellfire Watchers inflict shadow damage & heal allies. Interrupt their Heal.


2. Omor the Unscarred

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Deals a lot of shadow damage to players. Pet Fiendish Hound steals health from a player.

Heroic Differences: Bane of Treachery inflicts shadow damage to a player & all nearby.

3. Vazruden the Herald

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Deals physical damage & marks a player for Nazan to attack. Nazan deals fire damage & leaves patch of fire on floor. Uses Cone of Fire in front, avoid this.

Heroic Differences: Nazan uses Bellowing Roar causing all near to flee.

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