Old Hillsbrad Foothills

You can find The Escape from Durnholde dungeon within Caverns of Time, Tanaris.
The coordinates are (64.2,49.9)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:


Map 1Map 2
Free Thrall from the downstairs prison and follow him out of Durnholde Keep. When you leave the 2nd boss Captain Skarloc will appear.




1. Lieutenant Drake

Lieutenant-Drake-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Deals physical damage. Run away from Whirlwind. Attacks can reduce targets healing received & movement speed. Exploding Shot hits player stunning them & deals fire damage.


2. Captain Skarloc

Captain-Skarloc-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Holy Shield increases his block chance. Cleanses his allies & grants them armor. Interrupt Holy Light. Kill Durnholde adds quickly.

Heroic Differences: Move from boss when uses Consecration, lands under him.

3. The Epoch Hunter

Epoch-Hunter-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Avoid frontal cone Sand Breath. Inflicts ticking shadow damage to a player. Wing Buffet damages & knocks back all nearby.

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