You can find the Deadmines dungeon within Westfall, Eastern Kingdoms.
The coordinates of Moonbrook building entrance are (42.3,71.2)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

Go inside the building with a side door.

Run through the Defias Hideout, head up the stairs and follow round into a cave.  Follow path round and take the right hand side turnings, this should lead you to the portal entrance.


Map 1Map 2


1. Glubtok

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Boss will Blink teleporting to a new location. Avoid blossoms launched around room.

Heroic Differences: Fire & Frost Blossoms summon mobs when land. Avoid rotating Fire Wall.

2. Helix Gearbreaker

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Kill Oath he’s riding then Goblin. Watch out for Sticky Bomb, avoid these on ground.

Heroic Differences: Stay apart from each other in case get a Chest Bomb on you. Helix Crew appear above throwing Sticky Bombs at random players.

3. Foe Reaper 5000

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i To activate boss kill all the other foe reapers. Boss deals physical damage, try to avoid attacks.

Heroic Differences: Activation of Foe Reaper causes overload in pit spawning Molten Slags to fight, jump into a Prototype Reaper to attack.

4. Admiral Ripsnarl

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Avoid melee attacks. During Fog kill the Vapors. Be ready to target boss when he reappears.

Heroic Differences: When boss below 10% health 3 more Vapors appear.


5. ‘Captain’ Cookie

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Attack when boss is inside the cauldron, nuke him. Can pick up gold foods, avoid green foods.



6. Vanessa VanCleef (Heroic Boss)

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i You will be transported into waves of nightmares to fight your way through. When she casts Fiery Blaze to detonate explosives around ship run to a rope & swing to safety (ropes by edge of ship on floor). Calls Defias mobs to aid her.

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