Shadowmoon Burial Grounds

You can find the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds dungeon entrance within Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor.
The coordinates are (32.1, 41.2)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:


Map 1Map 2Map 3


1. Sadana Bloodfury2. Nhallish3. Bonemaw4. Ner'zhul
Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Don’t step on purple runes circled around floor. Focus kill Spirits. Whispers of the Dark Star is unavoidable damage, heal through. Move out of purple swirl (falling dagger). Casts Dark Eclipse, all players stand on a blue moon circled around floor.

Heroic Differences: The falling daggers Daggerfall target two random players.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Avoid Void Blast & purple runes on ground. Casts Planar Shift & teleports to a player, all run away when get pulled in. Everyone is phased into fighting their souls, dps your soul quickly & click the body to return to fight.
Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Careful not to get knocked off platform. Avoid standing in way of Body Slam. Everyone stand inside a necrotic pool when boss casts Inhale. (Move back out of necrotic pools when Inhale stops).

Heroic Differences: Summons Carrion Worms, tank stay on boss & dps focus them.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Avoid standing in purple cone & move out of purple circles on ground. A wall of walking undead will move towards you, focus kill 1 (put skull on) to clear a path through.

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