De Other Side

Welcome to the De Other Side dungeon guide. Here you will find the dungeon entrance location as well as a beginners map route around the dungeon and quick boss tactics.

This dungeon is available in Normal, Heroic and Mythic difficulties.

You can find the De Other Side entrance within Ardenweald, The Shadowlands.
The coordinates are (68.7,66.3)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:


Map 1Map 2Map 3Map 4


1. Hakkar the Soulflayer2. The Manastorms3. Dealer Xy'exa4. Mueh'zalaDungeon Trash Notes

Quick Boss Tactics:
Tank mitigate “Piercing Barb”. Move away with red circle. Serpent adds aoe & fixate a player, focus kill & when they die avoid the large pools on ground. Party use defensives for “Blood Barrier” to stop him gaining a bigger shield. Dodge red swirls.

Quick Boss Tactics:
Interrupt “Frostbolt”. 1 dps must stand in front of the crystals beam, when dot starts to hurt switch with another player. “Buzz-Saw” puts bleed on tank, use defensives. Run after & click on bombs to disarm them.

Mythic Differences:
Players with red arrows go stand either side of Millhouse to make laser run through & stun his “Diabolical Doom” cast.

Quick Boss Tactics:
Player with red arrow run into a floor trap to explode bomb in the air. When boss casts “Explosive Contrivance” everyone run into a floor trap. Avoid the portal lines for blastwave.

Mythic Differences:
“Arcane Lightning” debuff jumps to the nearest player every 9secs, make sure your debuff has dropped before taking it back.

Quick Boss Tactics:
Tank mitigate “Soulcrusher”. Dodge where his arms are raised (left, right or melee). Dispel “Cosmic Artifice” & drop purple pools to the back otherwise debuffs explode together. Take a portal during cast “Shatter Reality”, kill the add then click totem.

Death Speaker – Interrupt “Death’s Embrace”.

Atal’Ai Devoted – Kill before they finish casting “Devoted Sacrifice”.
Atal’Ai Deathwalker – Avoid bladestorm & run away from spirit if fixated.

Defunct Dental Drill – Line of sight during “Haywire”.
Headless Client – Everyone except tank move away for “Spinning Up”.

Weald Shimmermoth – To prevent falling asleep clear stacks of shimmerdust by jumping.

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