Tol Dagor

You can find the Tol Dagor entrance within Tol Dagor, Kul Tiras.
The coordinates are (38.5,69.1)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

This dungeon is located on Tol Dagor, an island on its own to the right of Tiragarde Sound.


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Clear all mobs on this floor as boss 2 will run around & aggro when he opens cages.

Player hop in Heavy Cannons & fire at groups of mobs (does high damage & knocks back). Careful of friendly fire, try to only hit enemies.


1. The Sand Queen2. Jes Howlis3. Knight Captain Valyri4. Overseer Korgus
Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Avoid standing in sand mounds on floor. Move away for ‘Upheaval’ as knocks targeted player into air & all nearby. ‘Sandstorm’ does damage & pushes you around. At 30% boss enrages.

Heroic Differences: Buzzing Drone adds spawn, do not let them die near boss otherwise she gains 5% enrage, this stacks.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Interrupt ‘Howling Fear’. Hide behind a pillar when casts ‘Flashing Daggers’. At 50% he will run around room & release prisoners, tank gain threat of them quickly. Interrupt ‘Motivating Cry’ as this increases damage done & stacks.

Heroic Differences: Bobby Howlis is released & both his attacks can be interrupted. ‘Vicious Mauling’ damages & pins a player to ground + ‘Howling Fear’ fears players.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i ‘Ignition’ erupts under player & ‘Cinderflame’ is a frontal flame cone. Players pick up barrels & take them to a safe spot away from fire. Players with ‘Fuselighter’ debuff stay away from barrels, this can be dispelled.
Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Players with a red circle spread out. Don’t stand in the black cone lines on ground. ‘Deadeye’ arrow targets a player & hits first player in the way, rotate who soaks the hit as debuff lasts 1.3 min.

Heroic Differences: Moving will fill your ‘Heartstopper Venom’ energy bar then stuns for 8 seconds. Try to only move for avoiding mechanics.

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