You can find the Gundrak dungeon within Zul’Drak.
The coordinates are (76.4,21.8)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:


Map 1
As you kill bosses you need to click on the Altars behind them (shown as * on map). Once you activate all these items it will turn the middle platform so you can reach final boss.

You can only access the room to 4th boss Eck the Ferocious on Heroic mode. The small door will open up after killing 3rd boss Moorabi, it will take you underground.



1. Slad’ran

Sladran-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Deals lots of nature damage. Powerful Bite inflicts damage & reduces armor. Constrictor grips players, at 5 stacks will stun you for 10 sec unless snakes are killed.


2. Drakkari Colossus

Drakkari-Colossus-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Inflicts physical damage to a player. At 50% health releases Drakkari Elementals from his body. Elementals inflict nature damage to players. When Drakkari Elementals at 50% health Merge rejoins them & the boss.


3. Moorabi

Moorabi-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Inflicts physical damage & stuns all players. Transformation turns boss into the mam’toth, interrupt this.


4. Eck the Ferocious (Heroic Boss)

Eck-the-Ferocious-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Bites a player inflicting physical damage. Avoid frontal cone Eck Spit. Boss leaps at a distant player. Berserks after 90 seconds.


5. Gal’darah

Galdarah-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Knocks player in the air & inflicts physicl damage. Avoid Whirling Slash, spins around. Puncture inflicts physical damage. Boss Enrages.

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