The Culling of Stratholme

You can find The Culling of Stratholme dungeon within Caverns of Time, Tanaris.
The coordinates are (64.3,49.5)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:


Map 1Map 2
To progress through the dungeon you need to keep speaking with Arthas. Check your map when waiting for the 10 waves and first 2 bosses to spawn, run around the middle circle to find them amongst the zombies.




1. Meathook2. Salramm the Fleshcrafter3. Chrono-Lord Epoch4. Mal'Ganis
Meathook-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Stuns a player with Constricting Chains & deals physical damage. Green circle around boss deals damage & interrupts spell casting of all nearby.

Heroic Differences: Frenzy increases his physical damage done by 10% for 30 sec, also stacks.

Salramm-the-Fleshcrafter-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Steal Flesh reduces a players damage by 75% & increases bosses by 75%. Summons two Ghouls to fight. Ghouls explode inflicting fire damage to all nearby.

Heroic Differences: Curse of Twisted Flesh reduces a players max health by 25% & inflicts shadow damage.

Chrono-Lord-Epoch-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Time Warp reduces attacks & movement of all by 70%. Wounding Strike inflicts damage & reduces healing effects. Curse of Exertion increases a players cost of spells/abilities by 100% for 10 sec.

Heroic Differences: On heroic Time Stop stuns all players for 2 sec.

Mal-Ganis-ModelQuick Boss Tactics:
/i Puts a player to sleep for 10 sec, any damage will wake them up. Inflicts shadow damage to a player. Vampiric Touch heals him for damage done with melee attacks. Carrion Swarm inflicts ticking shadow damage to players in front.

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