Siege of Boralus

Welcome to the Siege of Boralus dungeon guide. Here you will find the dungeon entrance location as well as a beginners map route around the dungeon and quick boss tactics.

This dungeon is available in Heroic and Mythic difficulties.

You can find the Siege of Boralus entrance within Tiragarde Sound, Kul Tiras.
Horde: The coordinates are ( 88.2 , 50.9 ).
Alliance: The coordinates are ( 72.4 , 15.6 ).

Click for Dungeon Entrance:
The Alliance Siege of Boralus dungeon entrance is within the home city Boralus. Head to the Tradewinds Market by the Boat to Stormwind and follow the dock paths round underneath the harbor to find the portal entrance.

The Horde Siege of Boralus dungeon entrance is within Tiragarde Sound at Plunder Harbor.


Map 1


1. Sergeant Bainbridge/Chopper Redhook2. Dread Captain Lockwood3. Hadal Darkfathom4. Viq'Goth

Alliance fight Chopper Redhook & Horde fight Sergeant Bainbridge.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Tank face the adds Heavy Slash away from party. Boss fixates a player, run boss over bombs or a player run over before they detonate. Run against noose/hook. Avoid blue barrage circles.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Avoid frontal Clear the Deck. Boss retreats to ship & spawns adds. Tank face adds Crimson Swipe cone away from party. Pick up Unstable Ordnance cannon & fire at ship to force boss back over. Avoid swirls on ground.

Hadal patrols, kill the adds before pull boss otherwise they all aggro or pull the boss out of room to reset him, then kill adds together.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Move out of swirls as they leave behind ice pools. Tank face Crashing Tide away from party, leaves behind ice line. Hide behind statue to avoid the Tidal Surge waves.

Boss stays in water, run around & fire 3 cannons to kill Viq’Goth. Loot lands on shore.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Avoid blue swirls. Keep Demolishing Terrors engaged in melee combat to stop party wide damage. Destroy tentacles to free engineers then fire cannon at boss. Move away from Eradication circle. Healer dispel Putrid Waters. Don’t stand in water too long.