Temple of Sethraliss

You can find the Temple of Sethraliss entrance within Vol’dun, Zandalar.
The coordinates are (52.0,25.6)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:


Map 1Map 2
Pick up the 2 skull eyes (Normal Mode is 1 Eye) and put them back in the skull to open doorway. You can find them around the room.


1. Adderis and Aspix2. Merektha3. Galvazzt4. Avatar of Sethraliss
Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Attack the boss with no ‘Lightning Shield’. Player with ‘Conduction’ circle move away from others. At 100 energy spread out to avoid charge ‘Arc Dash’. Avoid frontal tornados. Interrupt ‘Jolt’ & ‘Gust’. Healer ready for ‘Static Shock’ damage.

Heroic Differences: Players move in close to Adderis boss when not shielded to spread damage of ‘Arcing Blade’. Careful of pushback from wind ‘Gale Force’

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Focus kill Venomous Ophidians & use CC. Tank pull adds out of dust for dps to kill. Look away from boss for ‘Blinding Sand’. Avoid ‘Toxic Pools’ on floor. Boss will burrow ground, avoid path. Healer remove poison ‘Cytotoxin’.

Heroic Differences: ‘A Knot of Snakes’ suffocates the target player, free them by killing or stunning the snakes.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Player stand in energy beam to prevent boss getting buffed. Don’t stay in beam too long otherwise you take more damage. When boss consumes the energy he will damage all players & gets a 20% damage increase each energy release.

Heroic Differences: ‘Induction’ inflicts damage to all players & bosses damage increase each energy release adds to this.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Heal Avatar to full during the fight. When Avatar is free from purple glow ‘Taint’ use orbs & heal him quickly. Run from toads they reduce your healing by 50%. Tank move adds together so dps can aoe them quickly.

Heroic Differences: Plague Doctor transforms player into a snake for 1min. Interrupt ‘Chain Lightning’.

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