Auchenai Crypts

You can find the Auchenai Crypts dungeon within Terokkar Forest, Outland.
The coordinates are (37.4,65.4)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

Make your way to Auchindoun and go into the Ring of Observance. Here you will see loads of doorways. The Auchenai Crypts entrance is this doorway.



Map 1Map 2


1. Shirrak the Dead Watcher2. Exarch Maladaar
Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Inhibit Magic reduces cast speed, it increases as move closer. Attract Magic pulls players towards boss. Bite causing physical ticking damage. Focus Fire hits a players location damaging all nearby.
Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Stolen Soul reduces a players damage & healing by 50% & summons a ghost to attack. Boss summons Avatars at 25% health, focus kill.

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