Shadowfang Keep

You can find the Shadowfang Keep dungeon within Silverpine Forest, Eastern Kingdoms.
The coordinates are (44.8,67.6)

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1. Baron Ashbury2. Baron Silverlaine3. Commander Springvale4. Lord Walden5. Lord Godfrey
Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Group make sure healed & ready for Asphyxiate, players health is reduced. After Asphyxiate Stay of Execution will heal players to 50% of max health.

Heroic Differences: When finishes Asphyxiate will cast Stay of Execution healing himself, interrupt this. Shadow damage gets higher as fight goes on.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Curses his targets with Veil of Shadow reducing healing. Summons Worgen Spirits to fight but focus dps on boss.

Heroic Differences: Cursed Veil inflicts shadow damage & reduces healing done by players for 8 sec. Summons extra Worgen Spirits.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Avoid front cone (purple flame). Move from Desecration appears under a player (green circle).

Heroic Differences: Word of Shame inflicts shadow damage dot to a player. Summons Guardsman & Officer mobs to aid him. Interrupt Unholy Empowerment & Forsaken Ability.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Move around to avoid Ice Shards. Watch out for poisonous mixture he throws at a players location.

Heroic Differences: Summons a cauldron concocting a Toxic Coagulent or Toxic Catalyst. These mixtures cause ticking damage to players.

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Cursed Bullets is interruptible. He summons ghouls but focus dps on boss.

Heroic Differences: Avoid Pistol Barrage cone attack fired on a random player.

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