The Steamvault

You can find The Steamvault dungeon within Zangarmarsh, Outland.
The coordinates are (50.1,40.5)

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

When in Zangarmarsh head to the Coilfang Reservoir and dive under the water. Look for an underwater tunnel and go inside.


Go through the long tunnel, when you reach the other side you will be in an underwater cave.


Map 1
Kill Hydromancer Thespia (boss 1) and Mekgineer Steamrigger (boss 2) then behind them click the Main Chambers Access Panels. This will unlock the Main Chambers Door to gain access to the final boss.



1. Hydromancer Thespia

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Stuns a player with a cyclone. Lightning Cloud appears on a player inflicting nature damage, move out. Inflicts physical damage to a player. Coilfang Water Elementals assist in battle, interrupt their Water Bolt Volley.


2. Mekgineer Steamrigger

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Catches a player in Electrified Net & does ticking nature damage. Avoid frontal cone Super Shrink Ray. Saw Blade hits a player inflicting damage. Steamrigger Mechanics during fight will heal boss with Repair.


3. Warlord Kalithresh

Quick Boss Tactics:
/i Kill any Naga Distillers before they buff boss. Reflects all spells back at casters with Spell Reflection. Head Crack reduces a players stamina. Impale inflicts physical damage & adds ticking damage.


  1. whoever made these can i just say thanks ! fresh 70 prot pala and this is the best website for info by far. simple, clear and concise. soo thank you 🙂

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