Utgarde Keep

LFD Level: 68 – 78 (Heroic Level: 80)
Minimum Level: 67

To complete Looking for Dungeon (LFD) you need to ‘Defeat Ingvar the Plunderer’.

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

You can find Utgarde Keep dungeon within Howling Fjord.
The coordinates are (57.8,50.3)


Head over to the Utgarde Keep in middle of map. On the ground go round the side of the building and you will see a tall stairway.


Head inside the building and follow the path straight to the back.

You should see the portal entrance.



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1. Prince Keleseth2. Skarvald and Dalronn3. Ingvar the Plunderer

Prince-Keleseth-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Freezes a player in ice dealing frost damage, you can free players by attacking tomb. Summons Skeletons to fight, they will keep reviving themselves 20 secs after being killed.

Skarvald-the-Constructor-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Skarvald deals physical damage, stuns & knocks back. Dalronn uses Shadow Bolt, interrupt this. When 1 boss dies he will continue fighting as a ghost.

Heroic Differences: Skarvald also Enrages. Dalronn summons two skeletons, interrupt this.

Ingvar-the-Plunderer-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Avoid frontal cones Smash & Dark Smash. Deals physical & shadow damage. Increases speed with Enrage, this stacks. Move away from spinning axe, lands on player. Interrupts players spell casting with Roars.


AchievementsQuestsFun Facts

Mini guides for the more detailed Achievements.

On The Rocks


Must be on Heroic difficulty.

Defeat Prince Keleseth without shattering any Frost Tombs.

Get tank to hold aggro of the adds and players use single target dps on the boss, healer keep eye on tank and person frozen in the Frost Tomb. Avoid using aoe as could break player out of the tomb. You can avoid having any Frost Tombs if you kill the boss fast enough (higher levels).

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Hero’.


Mini Guides for the more detailed Quests.


Pick this quest up from Dark Ranger Marrah (Horde) or Defender Mordun (Alliance) at the beginning of dungeon.

You need to collect 5 Vrykul Weapons.


You will find them scattered around the dungeon.

Collect these items to complete the quest and hand back in.


Fun stuff you can find while exploring the Dungeons.

Look Up!

In the room called Dragonflayer Pens look above you and you will see that the room has no roof and you can see a dragon flying in circles.


Exit Shortcut

After you have killed the final boss Ingvar the Plunderer run back over the bridge and the door in front will be unlocked.


Go inside and jump down the hole, you will land in some water. Jump down the next hole, then run round to see the portal entrance.