The Arcway

Mythic Level: 110
Minimum Level: 110

To complete this Dungeon (Mythic Only) you need to ‘Defeat Advisor Vandros’.
This dungeon is also known as Suramar Catacombs.
There can be rare bosses (stars on map) & treasures (chest on minimap) found around the dungeon.

Below are some notable trash casts:
Unstable Amalgamation: When killed explode & split into small oozes, move to avoid purple puddles.
Acidic Bile: Stun to prevent ‘Consume’.
Withered Manawraith: Interrupt ‘Siphon Essence’. Move out of purple pools.
Eredar Chaosbringer: Interrupt ‘Portal: Argus’. Also interrupt ‘Demonic Ascension’ or transforms on death if it’s active.
Nightborne Reclaimer: Interrupt ‘Eye of the Vortex’. Summons a magic dome, anyone inside gets 50% haste buff. Tank pull enemies out & Ranged DPS/Healer stay inside for buff.
Arcane Anomaly: Aims at a player ‘Arcane Slicer’, avoid this beam. Must stun/interrupt ‘Arcane Reconstitution’.
Warp Shade: Interrupt ‘Phase Breach’. Must stun/interrupt ‘Arcane Reconstitution’.
Enchanted Broodling: These small spiders explode on death dealing high damage.

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

You can find The Arcway dungeon entrance within Suramar, The Broken Isles.
The coordinates are (41.1, 61.7)

A quick way to get near the dungeon entrance is to use your Sanctum of Order portal (if you have this yet) in Shal’Aran, Meredil.

Go to Suramar City and head to The Grand Promenade, go inside the large building that leads to Sanctum of Order.

Once inside Sanctum of Order building run down the stairs and take one of the teleporters (both lead to same place).

On this level take the turning that leads to some stairs (has a detector guard standing in middle).

Run past the guard and go down the stairs on the right. The first little room will have the Shal’Aran portal, and the next turning will have the summon stone.

When you see the summon stone run through the leaky tunnel and take the left turning, you should see the portal entrance.


There are two routes around this dungeon depending on which doors are open.
This will also change the order of the bosses.

East Door OpenWest Door Open


General XakalNal'tiraCorstilaxIvanyrAdvisor Vandros

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Dont stand in green runes (Fel Fissure). Wicked Slam knocks back players. Casts Shadow Slash on a random player, dodge the purple wave. When Dread Felbats land focus kill.

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Avoid pools of Nether Venom on ground. Teleports to a player with Blink Strikes, move out the way. 2 players get tied with a web, run away from each other to break it.

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Casts Quarantine on a player, free them by clicking the crystal. Avoid being hit by the flying bolts (Suppression Protocol). Run into a purple pool (Nightwell Energy) to gain 15% haste. Cleansing Force pulls in players,  run away to avoid explosion.

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Puts Volatile Magic on 2 players (glow purple), run away from others before explodes. Interrupt Overcharge Mana. Links 3 players, run together to make smaller triangle. Dont stand in the purple patch left on ground. Avoid orbs moving across the floor.

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Interrupt Accelerating Blast every 2 stacks. Tank move boss around room to avoid exploding Chrono Shards. Run through Force Bomb waves. At 50% your teleported out, you have 2 mins to run back & engage boss. Kill Timeless Wraiths & interrupt Time Lock.



Mini guides for the more detailed Achievements.

Arcanic Cling

Heroic & Mythic difficulty.

You need to defeat Ivanyr without taking any damage from Charged Bolt.

During the fight purple orbs (Charged Bolts) will appear from the crystal, avoid these as they sweep across the floor.

This is a personal achievement so as long as you avoid them all (doesn’t matter if others step in them) you will complete this.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Legion Hero’.

Clean House

Mythic difficulty only.

You need to defeat Corstilax without any pools of Nightwell Energy expiring.

All the purple mana pools that appear on the ground need soaking, if your group manages to soak them all and then defeat the boss you will get this acievement.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Legion Hero’.

No Time to Waste

Mythic difficulty only.

You need to defeat Advisor Vandros without killing any Timeless Wraiths.

When the boss reaches 50% health your group will be teleported out into a random room. During this Banish In Time phase you will have 2 minutes to run back to the boss.

You need to do this without killing any of the Timeless Wraith mobs along the way. To do this you need to stay close together as a group and sneak past the mobs as they patrol around.

There will be enough time to take it slow and wait for the right moment to sneak past these mobs. Once you reach the boss engage and defeat him to get this achievement.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Legion Hero’.