Seat of the Triumvirate

LFD Level: 110 (Heroic/Mythic Level: 110)
Minimum Level: 110

To complete Looking for Dungeon (LFD) you need to ‘Defeat L’ura’.

There are a lot of trash packs around this dungeon, as a tank its a good idea to kill any that could possibly aggro on the route round but don’t pull too many at once.
Below are some notable trash casts:

Shadowguard Subjugator – Applies ‘Negating Brand’ to tank reduces healing taken (this stacks). Players hit with ‘Suppression Field’ stand still if possible inside the circle.
Famished Broken – Cast ‘Dark Withering’ on tank, increases damage taken (this stacks). Interrupt cast ‘Consume Essence’.
Void Discharge – Run away when they die, will damage nearby players.
Rift Warden – Tank keep moving him out of Void Sludge. Interrupt fear ‘Stygian Blast’.
Shadowguard Voidbender – Drags players in, run against it or all stack up.

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

You can find the Seat of the Triumvirate dungeon entrance within Mac’Aree, Argus.
The coordinates are (22.2,56.2)

Get to Mac’Aree and take the Lightforged Beacon Shadowguard Incursion (or the cloest beacon you have unlocked).

Run from the Shadowguard Incursion Beacon to the left side up the slope into Triad’s Conservatory.

You should see the portal entrance at the top.


Map 1

Void Tears will randomly spawn across the map, when they do look on your map to find locations and close them.
Boss 2 spawns after 3 void tears are closed, close them by killing the Rift Wardens.


1. Zuraal the Ascended2. Saprish3. Viceroy Nezhar4. L'ura

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Tank keep moving boss out of purple sludge from Decimate. Dps kill Coalesced Voids before they reach boss, tank kite boss around.

Mythic Differences: Coalesced Void adds leave purple sludge on ground as they move towards boss. A random player is put into the void realm (boss casts Umbra Shift), fill bar by killing Dark Aberrations to press button. A player will also be fixated kite, kite boss around.

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Tank keep threat on Boss & Darkfang. Avoid the traps on ground. Boss marks & dashes between players (Umbral Flanking), unmarked players avoid getting hit. Player attacked by Darkfangs ‘Ravaging Darkness’ move away.

Mythic Differences: Shadewing will be added to the fight (all 3 bosses do share a health pool). Tank keep threat on all 3. Interrupt ‘Dread Screech’ cast by Shadewing.

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Dps focus kill Tenticles & stun / interrupt their casts when possible. Interrupt the fear ‘Howling Dark’. Run against bosses pushback ‘Entropic Force’.

Mythic Differences: Boss has an insanity bar, once reaches 100% he summons 2 Shadowguard Voidtenders, boss is immune until adds are killed. Must also interrupt ‘Eternal Twilight’.

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Kill the Greater Rift Warden to close portal, avoid purple patches on ground & 1 player run to soak the bolt ‘Fragment of Dispair’ marked on the ground. When adds are killed & portals gone boss is attackable.

Mythic Differences: purple patches (Remnant of Anguish) will relocate to players location, players stack & move as a group.



Mini guides for the more detailed Achievements.

Darker Side

Mythic difficulty only.

Defeat L’ura after all players in your party are affected by Crushing Darkness.

Let it All Out

Mythic difficulty only.

Defeat Saprish after you get Darkfang to destroy 4 Sealed Void Caches using Shadow Pounce.

Welcome the Void

Mythic difficulty only.

Use Void Tear to bring Urjad out of the void realm then defeat him & boss Zuraal the Ascended.