Operation Mechagon Workshop

Welcome to the Operation Mechagon Workshop dungeon guide. Here you will find the dungeon entrance location as well as a beginners map route around the dungeon and quick boss tactics.

This dungeon is available in Heroic and Mythic difficulties.

If you enter through the portal manually you will be in the full run of Operation Mechagon (Heroic or Mythic difficulty) but if you want to just do the second half “Workshop” you must use the looking for dungeon tool.

You can find the Operation Mechagon entrance within Rustbolt, Mechagon Island (Kul Tiras).
The coordinates are (73.2,36.4)

You must unlock the introductory questline for Mechagon Island to gain access. Alliance can use normal flightpaths & Horde have a portal in Dazar’alor down at the port by speaking to Captain Krooz (41.9,87.5).

Click for Dungeon Entrance:


Map 1Map 2Map 3


1. Tussle Tonks2. K.U.-J.03. Machinist's Garden4. King Mechagon

Quick Boss Tactics:
Tank take Platinum Pummeler to a piston smasher on side of room to remove armor, avoid hammer yourself. Run away when spins. Avoid mines. Keep away from Gnomercy 4.U, dps down & dodge charges. Bait charge into walls to stun. Careful of saws in the floor.

Quick Boss Tactics:
Stay spread out to avoid “Explosive Leap” damage. Dispel “Blazing Chomp” off tank when stacks start hurting as each dispel also damages party. Stand behind cube during “Venting Flames” for cover. When cube heats up run away before it explodes.

Quick Boss Tactics:
Run away from swirls to avoid grenades disorienting you. Dodge moving flame beams. Careful of the blades that bounce around room. Kill plant adds & avoid flame swirls that erupt on ground.

Quick Boss Tactics:
Get out of the way when orbs point an arrow & avoid swirl. Player targeted with “Giga-Zap” stand still & others move away. Dodge moving beam under boss. Stage 2 “Giga-Zap” hurts more. Run against the pull in. Try to keep boss engaged in melee combat.

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