Violet Hold

LFD Level: 73 – 80 (Heroic Level: 80)
Minimum Level: 72

To complete Looking for Dungeon (LFD) you need to ‘Defeat Cyanigosa’.

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

You can find the Violet Hold dungeon within Dalaran City.
The coordinates are (65.9,67.2)


Dalaran is located in Crystalsong Forest, Northrend. You can get to Dalaran lots of different ways, mainly players get mage portals or take a portal from certain cities.

Once here make your way to The Violet Hold, bottom right of map.


Open the doors, you should see the portal entrance.



Map 1

Prisoners are kept within this dungeon, you will not have to fight all 7 of the bosses here, when you start dungeon you will need to kill waves of mobs then a random boss will be released. You will fight 2 random bosses then the final boss Cyanigosa.



In this dungeon you will fight waves of mobs, 2 random bosses then the final boss Cyanigosa

1. Lavanthor2. Moragg3. Ichoron4. Xevozz5. Zuramat the Obliterator6. Erekem7. Cyanigosa

Lavanthor-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Uses Firebolt. Avoid frontal cone Flame Breath. Spits a pool of fire at a player, move out of this.

Heroic Differences: Cauterizing Flames inflicts fire damage to all & increases the fire damage taken by 35% for 3 min.

Moragg-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Inflicts lots of ticking shadow damage. Licks a player with Corrosive Saliva that eats 5% of their armor, this stacks.

Ichoron-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Attack boss to remove the 35 charges of Protective Bubble. Boss will Burst into 10 Globules, kill them to lower health. Inflicts frost damage & knocks back.

Heroic Differences: Splash will do frost damage & knock back players.

Xevozz-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Inflicts lots of arcane damage to players. Arcane Buffet increases arcane damage taken, this stacks. Summons Ethereal Spheres, kill these quickly before reach boss.

Zuramat-the-Obliterator-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Shroud of Darkness causes attacks against him to reduce healing you receive, this stacks. A player is shifted into the void, you will now to see the Void Sentries. Void Sentries inflict shadow damage to all players.

Erekem-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Uses Lightning Bolt. Interrupt Chain Heal. Uses Bloodlust. Two Guards join the fight, if both Guards are killed boss becomes enraged with new abilities.

Heroic Differences: Break Bonds Frees allies in 20 yards from snares, CC’s & stuns.

Cyanigosa-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Avoid frontal cone Uncontrollable Energy. Avoid behind cone Tail Sweep. Move out of Blizzard. Arcane Vacuum summons all players to her.

Heroic Differences: Mana Destruction destroys a players mana then inflicts arcane damage for the amount destroyed.



Mini guides for the more detailed Achievements.

A Void Dance


Must be on Heroic difficulty.

Defeat Zuramat the Obliterator without killing any void sentries.

This can be done if your whole group concentrates on nuking the boss as soon as appears, use any damage increases such as Bloodlust/Heroism.

Make sure not to damage the void sentries too much as you don’t want to accidently kill them, use single target spells on boss.

Dispel/Purge Shroud of Darkness if healer having problems with healing.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Hero’.



Must be on Heroic difficulty.

Defeat Cyanigosa without using Defense Control Crystals and with Prison Seal Integrity at 100%.

If you have a decent group you could easily get this achievement without any extra work. You need to finish the dungeon with the Prison Seal at 100% and no one click the defence crystals.

Just watch the groups of mobs that run for the door, use aoe abilties to pull them towards you instead.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Hero’.



Must be on Heroic difficulty.

Defeat Ichoron without allowing any Ichor Globules to merge.

You need to have someone ready to use the activation crystals found on the walls.


Make sure the player getting ready to click the activation crystal has their back facing a crystal so when the boss uses the knockback you will be pushed into range of it.

Have a player click the activation crystal (one near the boss) when his protective bubble shatters and this should kill any Ichor Globules up.

To get his protective bubble to shatter dps the boss down a little.

Then have the spare dps kill the water elementals before they reach your spot, then move to a new crystal ready for when boss appears, repeat until he is dead.

If you fail killing the Globules or an elemental reaches you wipe and reset fight (it will still be this boss that gets released again).

You won’t always get this boss to appear for the heroic fight so you might have to try a few days until you get to fight Ichoron.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Hero’.