Vault of the Wardens

LFD Level: 110 (Heroic/Mythic Level: 110)
Minimum Level: 110

To complete Looking for Dungeon (LFD) you need to ‘Defeat Cordana Felsong’.
There can be rare bosses (stars on map) & treasures (chest on minimap) found around the dungeon.

Below are some notable trash casts:
Felsworn Infester casts ‘Nightmares’ interrupt this.
Focus kill Fel-Infused Fury mobs in a pack.
–> Note that without ‘Elune’s Light’ you are unable to attack the enemies in Tomb of the Penitent.
Barbed Spiderlings run away from the light at low health, use stuns.
Spirit of Vengeances use ‘Knockdown Kick’ this will knock the light away.

Mini Bosses:
Glayvianna Soulrender: Tank use cooldowns during ‘Metamorphosis’ (her damage increases by 50%). Move away from Fel Traps, 3 green circles detonate.
Blade Dancer Illianna: Healer dispel ‘Gift of the Doomsayer’ debuff. Do not cast anything for ‘Deafening Shout’.
Dreadlord Mendacius: Stack on player with green circle ‘Meteor’. Players spread for Grimguard adds ‘Charge’.
Grimhorn the Enslaver: Stack on player who is imprisoned to share ‘Torment’ damage. Avoid green pools.

Click for Dungeon Entrance:


Map 1Map 2Map 3Popular Shortcuts

Near the beginning (Chamber of Night) you will fight a mini boss called Glayvianna Soulrender.


As soon as you get off the lift the 2nd boss Inquisitor Tormentorum will be on top of a staircase. There will be a few mini bosses in this map.
Kill all 3 bosses (2,3,4) and then take the next lift (X on map).


Tank pick up the Glowing Sentry (Light Orb) located by the lift within a statue.
The group needs to follow the player with the light, stay close to tank and kill mobs along the way.


Shortcut 1:

Some groups go through a small gap in the wall and jump down to skip the trash packs on the main path.


Once you jump down prepare to aggro lots of spiders, they are below where you drop.


1. Tirathon Saltheril2. Inquisitor Tormentorum3. Glazer4. Ash'golm5. Cordana Felsong

tirathon-saltheril-modelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Tank use active mitigation while Darkstrikes is active. Avoid green patches on ground. 50% boss transforms into a demonic form. Vengeance Form: Avoid rotating Glaives on green chain. Move away from green swirls. Havoc Form: Avoid the green eye beam.

inquisitor-tormentorum-modelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Interrupt Sap Soul (boss casts around every 20 seconds). Boss teleports to 1 of 4 prisons at 40% & 70% health to release prisoners. Prioritise killing caster adds.

Heroic/Mythic Differences: Tormenting Orbs cast Inquisitive Stare (pink beam), face them to avoid the disorient.

Mythic Only: Sap Soul can not be interrupted. Use an ability that you won’t need during the fight to get rid of debuff.

glazer-modelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Avoid orbs flying around room (bounce back when hit a wall). Lingering Gaze cast on a player, move out of blue pool. When becomes immune casts a rotating blue beam & statues appear. Players rotate the statues to reflect the beam back at the boss.


Heroic/Mythic Differences: The orbs flying around room (Pulses) will split into smaller ones if they hit a player.

Mythic Only: Find & kill the hostile Statue (Overloaded Lens) before the beam hits it.

ashgolm-modelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Avoid the moving lava patches on ground. Green fire line (Fissure) rotates around room. Spawns Volcanos that release Ember adds, focus kill before they absorb lava. Activate Countermeasures (statue) to freeze entire room, nuke boss when Brittle.

cordana-felsong-modelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Kicks back tank, dont face edge. Use Light to clear purple pools. Dodge the green Detonating Moonglaives. When boss is protected in bubble throw the Light in corners of room to reveal the Avatar of Vengeance add. Boss is immune until add is killed.

Heroic/Mythic Differences: A wall of spirits (Creeping Doom) will move across platform, use the light to reveal the gap & run through.

Mythic Only: Wall of spirits (Creeping Doom) will spawn more walls, you must be quick to find the gaps as they overlap.


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