Utgarde Pinnacle

LFD Level: 77 – 80 (Heroic Level: 80)
Minimum Level: 76
Timewalking Level: 81+

To complete Looking for Dungeon (LFD) you need to ‘Defeat King Ymiron’.
Once you have killed the final boss King Ymiron the side door will unlock so you can run straight back to the portal entrance.

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

You can find the Utgarde Pinnacle dungeon within Howling Fjord.
The coordinates are (56.0,45.4)


Head over to the Utgarde Keep in middle of map. On the ground go round the side of the building and you will see skulls next to a small stair bridge.


Go up the stair bridge and you will see the summoning stone.

You should see the portal entrance.



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1. Svala Sorrowgrave2. Gortok Palehoof3. Skadi the Ruthless4. King Ymiron

Svala-Sorrowgrave-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Inflicts fire damage to a player. Trys to sacrifice a player, they are stunned until Channelers are killed. Avoid sword by the altar & kill Ritual Channelers.

Heroic Differences: Ritual Channelers cast Shadow in the Dark deals ticking shadow damage.

Gortok-Palehoof-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Defeat the 2 trophies that come alive, then boss. Avoid frontal cone Arcing Smash. Withering Roar deals damage & lowers max health, this stacks. Throws a spear at player, deals ticking damage.

Heroic Differences: You will fight all 4 Trophies before boss.

Skadi-the-Ruthless-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Boss flys in air, avoid freezing clouds that land on floor. Pick up Harpoon & fire them in the Harpoon Launcher when boss in range. The Harpooner mob drops them. When boss down avoid his moving Whirlwind. Throws a Poisoned Spear at a player.

King-Ymiron-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Will call upon a Fallen King 2 times to grant him a new ability, he stuns all players when chooses. Deals shadow damage to players & lots of ticking damage. Keep players healed up for Dark Slash.

Heroic Differences: Will call upon a Fallen King 4 times to grant him a new ability, he stuns all players when chooses.



Mini guides for the more detailed Achievements.

The Incredible Hulk


Must be on Heroic difficulty.

Force Svala Sorrowgrave to kill a Scourge Hulk.

Engage the boss then you need to aggro a Scourge Hulk (located sides of room in walkways) and take 1 to the boss. Be careful to not damage them too much yourself but try get below 50%.

Single target the boss until she portals you to the platform, the Hulk will follow you. The sword will damage the Hulk and as long as this is the killing blow you will get the achievement.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Hero’.

Lodi Dodi We Loves the Skadi



Must be on Heroic difficulty.

Defeat Skadi the Ruthless within 3 minutes of starting the gauntlet event.

Ways to do this are:

1. Do the fight as normal and nuke the mobs fast to get the Harpoons to drop. Pull the boss down as soon as possible and nuke him fast, do this within the 3 minute timer.

2. Do the fight as normal and nuke the mobs fast to get the Harpoons to drop. Your group should pick up around 7 Harpoons to make sure you have enough.

Once you have them reset the fight by running back and through the door (towards previous boss room). You need those extra Harpoons in case any dps die as they don’t stay in your bag.

You can now restart the fight but this time you will already have the Harpoons needed. So make your way through and kill mobs on the way, wait for chance to shoot the boss down and nuke boss.

This way your group should have plenty of spare time to kill the boss within the 3 minute timer.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Hero’.

My Girl Loves to Skadi All the Time


Must be on Heroic difficulty.

Defeat Skadi the Ruthless after killing Grauf from 100% to dead in a single pass.

You need to kill the mobs to get 3 Harpoons, make sure you do not try shooting the boss down until you have enough of these.

When you have the 3 Harpoons you must shoot Grauf with all 3 and kill him in that 1 single pass. Take him down in that 1 pass and then kill the boss.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Hero’.

King's Bane


Must be on Heroic difficulty.

Defeat King Ymiron without anyone triggering Bane.

All the players need to nuke boss when possible, and when he casts ‘Bane’ everyone must click off boss and stop all damage during this. If ‘Bane’ gets triggered you will fail and need to reset the fight.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Hero’.


Mini Guides for the more detailed Quests.

Junk in My Trunk

Pick this quest up from Brigg Smallshanks at the beginning of dungeon.

You need to collect 5 Untarnished Silver Bars, 3 Shiny Baubles, 2 Golden Goblets, and 1 Jade Statue.


All these items can be found scattered within the dungeon, they can be anywhere from on tables, floors, crates.

Collect all these to complete quest and hand back in.