The Mechanar

LFD Level: 67 – 70 (Heroic Level: 70)
Minimum Level: 66

To complete Looking for Dungeon (LFD) you need to ‘Defeat Pathaleon the Calculator’.
After killing final boss Pathaleon the Calculator you can take the portal behind to get a teleport outside the entrance of dungeon.

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

You can find The Mechanar dungeon within Tempest Keep, Netherstorm.
The coordinates are (70.3,68.6)


Fly up and go into the single floating platform (purple base) on the right.

You should see the portal entrance.



Map 1Map 2




1. Mechano-Lord Capacitus2. Nethermancer Sepethrea3. Pathaleon the Calculator

Mechano-Lord-Capacitus-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Nether Charges explode damaging all nearby. Protects himself with shields reflecting harmful spells & dealing damage to melee attackers.

Heroic Differences: Polarity Shift changes players energy. Split into 2 groups one negative & one positive charged.

Nethermancer-Sepethrea-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Avoid standing in front boss for Dragon Breath. Her weapon is enchanted with frost, has chance to slow players movement. Arcane Blast damages & knocks back player. Raging Flame mobs cast Inferno, move away as damage all nearby.

Pathaleon-the-Calculator-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Controls a player making them attack allies. Mana Tap drains mana from a player charging his arcane energy, this stacks. Summons 3 Nether Wraiths, interrupt their Arcane Bolt.

Heroic Differences: Arcane Explosion inflicts arcane damage to players in 30 yards.



Mini Guides for the more detailed Quests.

Lost Treasure

You will auto get this quest in your quest log.

Collect the Blinding Fury from the Cache of the Legion located to the far left of the room with 1st boss Mechano-Lord Capacitus.


The Cache of the Legion will be locked, to unlock it kill Gatewatcher Gyro-Kill, he is located up te stairs behind.


This will finish the quest and you can auto hand it in.