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Vacuum Tubes Vintage



Huge Lot of 29 Vintage 837 Vacuum Tubes NOS


Lot of 160 Vintage Electronic Vacuum Tubes NOS Untested All In Original Boxes


WOW! 220 Piece Bulk Lot of N.O.S Vintage GE & Sylvania Vacuum Tubes One Money"!


Lot of 22 JAN-6360 Amperex Vintage Electron Vacuum Tubes NOS Black Plate


Pair of Vintage AMPEREX Bugle Boy Metal & Plastic Based EL34 6CA7 Vacuum Tubes


(16) BIG LOT Vintage RCA 12AX7 7058 ECC83 Vacuum Tubes  (TESTED W/ TV-7D/U)


Lot of 11 Vintage 0C3 Vacuum Tubes


(1) Sylvania And (1) RCA 7868 vintage vacuum tubes


Tung-Sol Vintage Electron Tubes Carrying Case Caddy Vacuum-Dirty


Lot of 43 JAN-5727 GE Vintage Electron Vacuum Tubes NOS


Vintage PQ Amperex 6922 E88CC GoldPins Vacuum Tube Very Strong & Balanced 7Avail


Lot of vintage vacuum tubes octal NOS


(14) Vintage Motorola 6AK5 Vacuum Tubes - Not in original boxes but appear NOS


Vintage Pair of RCA (Hoffman) 12BH7 Black Plate Large D Getter Vacuum Tubes


Lot of 13 Tung-Sol RCA 12AU7 RARE AMPREX Vacuum Tubes VINTAGE AS FOUND In Boxes


Vintage Pair of RCA 12BH7A Black Plate Dimple-D Getter Vacuum Tubes


4 Vintage N.O.S (2) Sylvania, Philco & GE 12AV7/5965 Vacuum Tubes Mixed Codes


Vintage Quad Original Wing C EL34 SED Vacuum Tubes Marshall Logo Used


Huge lot of 40 12BY7A Vintage Vacuum Tubes Black Plate NOS NIB


 Over 500 Tubes in an RCA Vintage Radio TV Vacuum Tube Valve Caddy  


Lot of 5 12BH7A 12B4A 12AB5 Tung-Sol Vacuum Tubes VINTAGE AS FOUND In Boxes


(4) Lot 6JN8 Westinghouse Vacuum Tube Vintage NOS (untested) matched codes


Pair of Vintage 7591A Sylvania / Hammond Vacuum Tubes - Matched


Pair of Vintage Sylvania 12AU7 Vacuum Tubes Test good


Vintage 6EA8 Electron Vacuum Tubes Pair NOS Sencore Tested - FREE SHIPPING !


LOT OF VINTAGE RCA VACUUM TUBES. Handmade Toolbox Included.


Lot of 10 Amperex JAN 6939 Vintage Electron Vacuum Tubes NOS


One Vintage Tested Good 7B7 Vacuum Tube


Baldwin 12au7 (12ax7) vacuum tubes, vintage USA (1958) Tested strong, can match


Lot of 20 GE JAN 6216 Vintage Electron Vacuum Tubes NOS


Vintage Matched Pair Groove Vacuum Tubes GT-6550-R 9 RED Excellent Used Tubes


6C4 RCA JRC amplifier vintage electron radio audio vacuum tubes 2 valves tested




Lot Of 5 5814A 6677 6CL6 CBS HYTRON Radio Vacuum Tubes As Found In BOX VTG NICE


Pair Vintage Bendix 5992 6v6gt Vacuum Tubes Working Sound Good Test Strong


2 Bronze Plate 5687 Vacuum Tubes - Vintage Twin Triodes for AudioNote Amps