Mogu’shan Palace

LFD Level: 87 – 90 (Heroic Level: 90)
Minimum Level: 87
Timewalking Level: 91+

To complete Looking for Dungeon (LFD) you need to ‘Defeat Xin the Weaponmaster’.

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

You can find Mogu’shan Palace dungeon within Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

The coordinates are (80.1,33.2)


You can easily find your way here from the Horde & Alliance Shrines. Fly to the giant stairway that is called “Mogu’shan Palace” on the map.


Go up the large stairs and you should see the portal entrance.



Map 1Map 2Map 3Popular Shortcuts

After you defeat 1st boss Trial of the King the floor will open up (behind the loot chest) so you can go down some stairs to the next map.




When you go through the Forgotten Passageway and come up to the stairs and balcony above the 2nd boss Gekkan you can jump over the edge.

Instead of running down the stairs round and killing the mobs on the way you can skip these and jump over the balcony down to the boss.


A lot of players do this as you get to skip the mobs(if the group doesn’t need to do the quest ‘Relics of the Four Kings’). You will take fall damage and aggro the boss straight away though so make sure healer is with you.


1. Trial of the King2. Gekkan3. Xin the Weaponmaster

Trial-of-the-King-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Fight 3 bosses in random orders. Mu’shiba: Avoid frontal cone Shockwave. Focus dps on boss. Ming: Avoid moving whirlwinds. Move from Magnetic Field (spins pulling all in). Haiyan: Stack on player who has Meteor (fiery boulder) to divide damage.

Gekkan-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Kill adds first & put skull on focused target. Use interrupts,stuns,crowd controls on adds (Kill Oracle first or keep CC’d). Interrupt Iron Protector, Cleansing Flame, Hex of Lethargy.

Xin-the-Weaponmaster-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Avoid frontal cone Ground Slam. Avoid spinning weapons & Circle of Flame (staff circles
enemy in flames). Move out of path of flying daggers (fly in line across room from wall lions). Tank boss down the steps & dps/healer find safe spot to try stand.


AchievementsQuestsFun Facts

Mini guides for the more detailed Achievements.

Glintrok N' Roll

This can only be done on Heroic.

Defeat Gekkan and his Glintrok entourage within 5 minutes of being spotted by the Glintrok Scout.

After you kill 1st boss Trial of the King you will go down a secret passage to next area, this is where the Glintrok Scout spots you and the 5 minutes will start (stairs open when loot is).


A way to do this is have everyone in your group use a Lesser Invisibility Potion (lasts 15 seconds) to skip the mobs on the way.

If you mess up the Lesser Invisibility Potion you won’t be able to use this again for another 10 minutes which would mean you will have to kill the mobs and hope you have enough time.

When you reach the end (stairs and balcony) kill the mobs by the balcony so you can get everybody jumped over to the bottom where second boss Gekkan is. Healer make sure to top group up as you will all of taken damage from the fall.


By skipping some of the mobs with the invisibility potion you should have enough time to kill Gekkan and his adds to get the achievement.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Pandaria Hero’.

Quarrelsome Quilen Quintet


This can only be done on Heroic.

Collect all the Jade Quilen located throughout Mogu’Shan Palace.

There are 5 Jade Quilens within the dungeon. They can be in random locations or opposite rooms. Hunters can use Track Beasts and they show up on your mini map.

If you can’t get a group to do this achievement as you go wait until it is finished and stay behind. The dungeon should be almost empty of mobs making it easier to collect the Jade Quilens.

Here is a map of where i found mine.

Mogu'Shan-Palace-Jade-Quilen-Achievement Map

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Pandaria Hero’.

What Does This Button Do?

This can only be done on Heroic.

Use Xin the Weaponmaster’s secret defense mechanism against him.

This achievement cannot be soloed as you need 2 players to click gems at same time, possibly a 3rd player to keep boss busy.

A red gem will appear in the mouth of 2 lion wall mounts.


You need to dps boss down to 66% health for the first red gem to appear. The second red gem will appear at 33% health.

They will appear in the NW and SE (front left and bottom right of room).

You need a player waiting at each gem, they will need to be pressed at the same time. This can become difficult with all the weapons flying around and the knockbacks.

Make a macro or talk on voice chat to make it easier to coordinate. If you are successful a red beam will shoot from both lion mouths and you will soon after get the achievement.


You don’t need to kill the boss to get the achievement so you will know if it has worked.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Pandaria Hero’.


Mini Guides for the more detailed Quests.

Relics of the Four Kings

Pick this quest up from Sinan the Dreamer standing at beginning of dungeon.

You need to collect the Lantern of the Sorcerer King, Mad King Meng’s Balance, Qiang’s “The Science of War”, and Subetai’s Bow of the Swift.


The items are scattered around the room where second boss Gekkan is, they are in the vaults on walls.

You might need to ask your group if they will kill the mobs around the circle of stairs as most jump over the balcony for a shortcut to boss.

Once you have all the items you can hand the quest in to complete.

Fun stuff you can find while exploring the Dungeons.

Door Opens

There is a door that opens up after you kill the 2nd boss Gekkan.


The door opens that connects the 1st & 3rd map. This is useful to run through if anyone in your group dies before final boss and needs to run back.


This is also useful if you want a shortcut back to the beginning of dungeon.