Halls of Reflection

LFD Level: 80 (Heroic Level: 80)
Minimum Level: 79

To complete Looking for Dungeon (LFD) you need to ‘Defeat Escape from Arthas’.

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

You can find the Halls of Reflection dungeon within Icecrown.
The coordinates are (52.2,89.1)

The-Frozen-Halls-Dungeon-Entrances Map

Make your way to Icecrown Citadel at the bottom of map and fly up to the right side of building, the second level you should see a small entrance on the left side.


This is The Frozen Halls, go inside walk round, you will see the Meeting Stone.

The portal for this dungeon is the middle one Halls of Reflection Portcullis.



Map 1

When start you will fight waves of mobs and the first 2 bosses in Sword’s Rest. Then the end room with final boss you will be running and fighting, follow Sylvanas instructions.



1. Falric2. Marwyn3. Escape from Arthas

Falric-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Impending Despair stuns a player, can dispel. Fears nearby players & inflicts ticking damage. Nearby players damage & healing dealt is reduced by 20% each cast of Hopelessness.

Marwyn-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Strikes a player for physical damage. Avoid standing in Well of Corruption, the purple circles. Corrupted Flesh reduces max health for 8 sec. Deals ticking shadow damage to a player.

Escape-from-Arthas-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Run from boss, follow Sylvanas. At each Ice Wall kill the mobs to break the wall down. Avoid standing near boss as he will deal aoe damage every second.


AchievementsFun Facts

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We're Not Retreating; We're Advancing in a Different Direction.


Must be on Heroic difficulty.

Escape from the Lich King in under 6 minutes.

You will be running from the boss, along the way you will be stopped by 4 ice walls, use aoe to nuke down the mobs fast so you can move on.

Repeat this and as long as you kill all the mobs quicky to break down the ice walls and keep a decent pace you will complete this in time.


Fun stuff you can find while exploring the Dungeons.

Ship Portal Out

After completing the final fight you can go onto the ship behind and get a quick portal out of the dungeon.


The portal on the ship will take you to Dalaran.