Halls of Lightning

LFD Level: 77 – 80 (Heroic Level: 80)
Minimum Level: 76
Timewalking Level: 81+

To complete Looking for Dungeon (LFD) you need to ‘Defeat Loken’.

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

You can find the Halls of Lightning dungeon within Ulduar, The Storm Peaks.
The coordinates are (44.8,21.7)


Make your way to the giant building called Ulduar at top of map.

The dungeon is in the smaller building to the right up the stairs.

You should see the portal entrance.



Map 1Map 2

The Slag mobs in the room The Iron Crucible respawn when killed so be quick and all run to the stairs, kill what you have aggroed and move on.

In the Hall of Watchers the soldier statues will come to life and start attacking you when you run past them.




1. General Bjarngrim2. Volkhan3. Ionar4. Loken

General-Bjarngrim-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i When out of combat will charge electrical energy to increase damage. Kill adds first. Boss has Battle, Berserker & Defensive Stances (mainly deal physical damage). Run from Whirlwind.

Volkhan-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Heals up a Golem with Heat. Stomps ground dealing damage & shatters Brittle Golems. When Golems shatter deal damage to all nearby. Molten Golems inflict ticking fire damage.

Ionar-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Deals a lot of nature damage & explodes knocking players back. At 50% breaks into Sparks of Ionar that follow players dealing high damage that stacks, run away from them down the stairs to avoid.

Loken-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Lightning Nova inflicts nature damage. Shocks players every 2 sec dealing nature damage that increases the further away from boss you are.

Heroic Differences: Arc Lightning shocks a player inflicting nature damage & causes them to shock others.


AchievementsFun Facts

Mini guides for the more detailed Achievements.

Lightning Struck


Must be on Heroic difficulty.

Defeat General Bjarngrim while he has a Temporary Electrical Charge.

Kill the mobs first and go round doing this on the platforms, keep away from boss while you kill them.

After it’s clear wait for boss to charge up at a platform then move in and engage when he has the Temporary Electrical Charge and kill him quickly.

Player usually get this achievement at a higher level as the Berserker Stance hits hard.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Hero’.

Shatter Resistant


Must be on Heroic difficulty.

Defeat Volkhan without allowing him to shatter more than 4 Brittle Golems.

Use all your dps increases such as Bloodlust and nuke the boss, you can ignore the Golems and focus dps on the boss.

If you are having trouble get tank to kite the Golems around while the dps keep attacking the boss.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Hero’.

Timely Death


Must be on Heroic difficulty.

Defeat Loken in 2 minutes or less.

A good tactic is to all stay stacked on tank close to boss, nuke boss and use all damage increases like Bloodlust.

It is useful to use any nature resistant spells your group may have to help deal with Pulsing Shockwave and Lightning Nova.

Combining all nature resistantances and using all healing cooldowns available, nuking this boss should be managable.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Hero’.


Fun stuff you can find while exploring the Dungeons.

Celestial Statues


Around the dungeon you will see along some of the walls Celestial Statues, theres a human, trolls, night elf and a tauren.

They look awesome so keep an eye out for them.

More Statues


In the first room Unyielding Garrison with boss General Bjarngrim you will see over the edge of the platforms statues everywhere.

The 2nd boss Volkhan who is above this room, appears to be building these soldier statues to fight for the fallen keeper, next to his room is piles of damaged soldiers.

Terrestrial Watchtower

The room called Terrestrial Watchtower has a massive display of planets.


The one planet on it’s own is Azeroth.


When you kill the final boss Loken he says ‘My death… heralds the end of this world’.

If you turn around you will see that Azeroth has set on fire.


Shortcut Out

After killing final boss Loken go into the room behind his chair, you will see a broken balcony.


You are allowed to jump down this, it will drop you back to near the beginning so if you wanted to exit through the entrance or hand quests in it is a quicker way.