Eye of Azshara

LFD Level: 98 – 110 (Heroic/Mythic Level: 110)
Minimum Level: ?

To complete Looking for Dungeon (LFD) you need to ‘Defeat Wrath of Azshara’.
The order you kill the bosses in doesn’t really matter, but you do have to kill all 4 before you gain access to the final boss.
You can mount up in this dungeon.
There can be rare bosses (stars on map) & treasures (chest on minimap) found around the dungeon.

There’s a lot of different trash mobs in this dungeon, many groups try to skip what they can.
Below are some notable trash casts:
All Hatecoil mobs cast interruptable spells, interrupt where possible.
Gritslime Snail cast Abrasive Slime, avoid this frontal green cone.
Skrog Tidestomper cast Massive Quake, water eruption knocks players in the air.

Click for Dungeon Entrance:

You can find the Eye of Azshara dungeon entrance within Azsuna, The Broken Isles.
The coordinates are (61.3, 41.1)

Go to Hatecoil Warcamp, you will see lots of Hatecoil mobs, head to the middle island and down some steps.

You should see the portal entrance.



Map 1Popular Shortcuts

Violent Winds occasionally happens pushing players around, this is in the areas by bosses 3 & 5 on map. Also avoid lightning strikes by moving out of blue circles on ground.

To activate Lady Hatecoil (boss 2) kill a Hatecoil Arcanist within one of the blue patches. To activate final boss Wrath of Azshara kill all 4 adds that are channeling to him. The mobs to kill are marked on maps as * icons.


Shortcut 1:

If you are taking the left way round (that heads towards boss Lady Hatecoil) then you can skip a lot of trash packs on the way to 1st boss Warlord Parjesh.


Instead of taking the main pathway from the portal go along the left side and hug the wall. You will only have to kill a few trash packs on the way to the 1st boss.

Shortcut 2:

If you are taking the right way round (that heads towards boss King Deepbeard) then you can skip some of the trash packs before the Cove entrance.


After killing 1st boss Warlord Parjesh go along the main pathway and hug the right side wall, then just before entering Deepbeard’s Cove hug the left side wall to avoid the last trash pack opposite.


1. Warlord Parjesh2. Lady Hatecoil3. Serpentrix4. King Deepbeard5. Wrath of Azshara

Warlord-Parjesh-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Charges forward hitting all in way. Throws an Impaling Spear at a player (red arrow on ground) damages, knocks back & leaves dot. Boss calls Hatecoil adds, interrupt their Bellowing Roar & Lightning Strike. Enrages at 30%.

Heroic Differences: Move out of Quicksand on ground (damages & reduces movement speed). This is left behind after charges forward with Crashing Wave.
Boss calls Hatecoil adds, interrupt Restoration cast from Crestriders.

Lady-Hatecoil-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Static Nova = move to land. Focused Lightning = move to water. Saltsea Globules explode on death, move away. Player with Curse of Witch face away from others, releases frontal cone. Crackling Thunder will damage you if leave arena (past black rocks).

Heroic Differences: Monsoon follows closest player knocking you in the air & blowing away any sand dunes it hits.

Before pulling this boss make sure to kill the adds wondering nearby and kill the neutral Cove Seagulls as they stun.

Serpentrix-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Avoid green circles. Player with Toxic Wound leaves a trail of green puddles, try place them close together & keep moving (avoid running into others). Interrupt Rampage. Submerges then Emerges at 33% & 66%. Summons Red Hydra, interrupt Blazing Nova.

Heroic Differences: Also summons Arcane Hydra, interrupt Arcane Blast & focus kill this add.

Note: Violent Winds occasionally happen during this fight pushing players around.

King-Deepbeard-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Try avoid blue circles on floor. Players with Gaseous Bubble need to absorb damage to remove, if not removed triggers aoe explosion. Heal tank for Ground Slam, others move out of circle. Avoid Quakes on ground. Healer ready for the high aoe damage.

Heroic Differences: Gaseous Explosion inflicts frost damage to all players equal to the absorb shield left on the Gaseous Bubble.

Wrath-of-Azshara-ModelCopy/Paste Macro:
/i Frontal attack Massive Deluge damages & knocks back. Avoid Tornados. Dispel players with Arcane Bomb, bomb will stop following & land (move out area). Raging Storms stacks with no melee in range. 10% empowers weather, avoid waves & lightning strikes.

Heroic Differences: Stack on player with Crushing Depths.
Strikes players with Elemental Resonance leaving a debuff Magic Resonance (increases arcane & nature damage taken by 10%) or Frost Resonance (reduces movement speed by 5%), these effects stack.

Note: Violent Winds occasionally happen during this fight pushing players around.


AchievementsQuestsFun Facts

Mini guides for the more detailed Achievements.

But You Say He's Just a Friend


Must be on Mythic difficulty.

Need to defeat boss Warlord Parjesh without letting any Hatecoil Shellbreakers die.

During the fight Warlord Parjesh will summon adds Hatecoil Crestriders and Hatecoil Shellbreakers. Kill all Crestriders and make sure to interrupt Shellbreakers Bellowing Roar.

Keep all Hatecoil Shellbreakers alive while focus killing boss and Crestriders to get this achievement.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Legion Hero’.

Stay Salty


Must be on Mythic difficulty.

Defeat boss Lady Hatecoil after destroying 11 or more Saltbrine Globules with a single Curse of the Witch.

Need to gather and tank the Saltsea Globules that are summoned during fight. Once you have 11 or more of them they will need killing with Curse of the Witch.

Curse of the Witch is cast on random players during the fight, that player will need to stay facing the Saltsea Globules (only face the adds when you have the 11 to kill).

When the Curse of the Witch expires or is decursed by a player it will release a frontal cone. This will destroy the adds just make sure no players are standing in the way as they will also get hit. Now defeat the boss to get this achievement.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Legion Hero’.

Ready for Raiding V


Must be on Mythic difficulty.

Defeat final boss Wrath of Azshara without being hit with Magic or Frost Resonance.

To get this achievement you need to avoid all of his abilities, they all damage you with arcane and frost so this can become tricky if the fight drags on.

This achievement goes towards ‘Glory of the Legion Hero’.


Mini Guides for the more detailed Quests.

Azsunian Pearls

You need to collect x5 Massive Azsunian Pearl and defeat final boss Wrath of Azshara.


Fun stuff you can find while exploring the Dungeons.

Sleepy Goblins

Along the beach wreckage of Shipwreck Shoals you will see crashed ships and Bitterbrine Scavengers. If you take a look around you will see a group of Bitterbrine Scavengers taking a relaxing nap on one of the sand piles.

Sleepy-Goblins Map-Eye-of-Azshara

This must of been a planned snooze as theres an umbrella, a deck chair and one of the scavengers even has a beach mat.


Shark Attack

If you get tempted by the open ocean in Shipwreck Shoals you won’t get very far out. Swim too far into the sea and a message appears on your screen saying ‘ A Razormaw Shark has the scent of your blood! Get back to the land!’.


You have time to swim back but if you don’t the shark will swim in and kill you in one bite.