Deadmines Pet Battle Dungeon

> This content is from PTR and may change before release.

Minimum Level: 110

You will be allowed to pick up the quest for this dungeon once you have completed Wailing Caverns Pet Battle Dungeon.


This map shows you the types of Battle Pets & where they are located within the dungeon.

Map 1


Stage 1: What Is All This Junk?
Stage 2: Terrible Tunnel
Stage 3: Worst. Guard. Ever.
Stage 4: Outta My Way, You Oaf!
Stage 5: Cannon Crazy
Stage 6: Shadowy Figure
Final Stage: The Soup's Gone Bad!


1. Deadmines. Part Three?2. The Deadmines Strike Back3. Pet Battle Challenge Deadmines

Visit the Magical Menagerie in Dalaran, the Broken Isles. Speak to Breanni and pick up the quest ‘Deadmines. Part Three?’.

You will be sent to Deadmines, located in Westfall, Eastern Kingdoms.

Speak to Marcus “Bagman” Brown located outside in Moonbrook and hand in this quest. He will then have another quest to pick up called ‘The Deadmines Strike Back’.

The Deadmines Strike Back allows you to heal and revive your pets.

Accept the ‘The Deadmines Strike Back’ quest and then speak to Marcus “Bagman” Brown again to enter the dungeon scenario.

Once inside you will be on stage 1, this dungeon scenario has a total of 7 stages. To progress you will need to defeat all the pets and boss pets in the area.

Defeat Cookie’s Leftovers and you will complete the quest and dungeon scenario. To hand in the quest run back to Marcus “Bagman” Brown who will still be at the beginning.

Speak to Marcus “Bagman” Brown and complete the quest to receive your rewards. You can also click ‘I would like to leave the Deadmines’ to get teleported out.

This quest will reward you with:
Ultimate Battle-Training Stone – Instantly trains any battle pet to gain 25 levels.
Manapoof Link: Westfall – Manapoof in Dalaran Managerie can teleport you here.

This is a weekly challenge quest.
Pet Battle Challenge will not allow you to heal or revive any of your pets.

Once you have completed the quest ‘The Deadmines Strike Back’ you will be allowed to pick up this challenge quest.

You can get an instant teleport to the dungeon by speaking to Manapoof in the Dalaran Managerie.

You will only be able to pick up this challenge quest if you have x15 battle pets that are level 25 in your collection.

This quest will reward you with:
Damp Pet Supplies – Usually contains a few pet bandages & pet charms. Every once in awhile may contain a special pet.

This bag can drop various pet supplies and pets.

By completing this challenge you will earn the achievement ‘Pet Battle Challenge: Deadmines’ and also receive as a reward – Pocket Cannon.

Got any tips on what Battle Pets are good to use in Deadmines? Feel free to post them in the comments below 😀