Court of Stars

Mythic Level: 110
Minimum Level: 110

To complete this Dungeon (Mythic Only) you need to ‘Defeat Advisor Melandrus’.
This dungeon is also known as Suramar Noble District.
There can be rare bosses (stars on map) & treasures (chest on minimap) found around the dungeon.

Below are some notable trash casts:
Duskwatch Sentry: Kill before they activate Beacon. Interrupt ‘Sound Alarm’. Now Disable Beacon.
Duskwatch Guard: Avoid purple cone ‘Quelling Strike’. Dispel ‘Fortification’ debuff.
Mana Saber: Healer dispel ‘Mana Fang’.
Guardian Construct: Interrupt ‘Charging Station’.
Watchful Inquisitor: Interrupt ‘Searing Glare’ & stun for ‘Eye Storm’.
Shadow Mistress: Interrupt ‘Bewitch’ (or dispel if cast).

–> Note: This dungeon also has special items that have different benefits, i have not included them within the maps so please see the ‘Fun Facts’ section for more information.

Click for Dungeon Entrance:


Map 1Map 2Map 3

At the start use Signal Lantern to get in a boat. Duskwatch Sentrys run to alert other mobs using ‘Arcane Beacon’, focus kill them (you can also disable the beacons).
Felbound Enforcers can be seen on the minimap as yellow dots. Once 2nd boss is dead speak to Ly’leth to get a disguise.

With your disguise enter the party & speak to all npc’s with a speech bubble, piece the clues together to find the spy. Once you have found the spy follow them up the stairs.

After following spy he will turn into a demon, defeat him & pick up the key. Run back through to open the doors to the balcony for final boss fight.


1. Patrol Captain Gerdo2. Talixae Flamewreath3. Boss

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Avoid double cone Resonant Slash (front & back of boss). Arcane Lockdown (3stack debuff) is applied to all players, jump 3 times to remove stacks. Focus kill adds. Avoid blast line from Streetsweeper. Boss drinks flask for 30% buffs.

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Burning Intensity deals ticking damage to whole group & increases damage she does with fire attacks. Avoid red swirls (Infernal Eruption) on ground, focus kill imps. Dispel Withering Soul from tank first, reduces max health & movement (this stacks).

Copy/Paste Macro:
/i Charges at a player with Blade Surge, this leaves a mirror image of himself which copies his attacks for whole fight. Move out of line of wind (Piercing Gale). Avoid moving winds on ground. Heal through Slicing Maelstrom (does more damage with mirror images).


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